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Fable Country Stay was once the trading post between Durban and Joburg, and in many of the old photographs you can see donkey carts and horse carts outside the main area. When our family stumbled upon this gem in 2012 it had not been lived in for many years. We decided to dig a bit deeper and find out more about the house and it's history.

The Curry family, where Curry's Post gets its name, lived here for many generations. It went from an old hotel, and post office to a family home where many generations of Curry's grew up. We managed to restore the house keeping most of its unique history including the old fire place in the kitchen. We imagine this is where they spent a lot of time as in the winter it can get very cold in the midlands. The pot that is hanging over the fire place was found exactly as it is.


We decided to turn the main house, the old post office and postmasters cottage into self catering accommodation as it really is a warm and inviting "home away from home". With plenty of restaurants in the area and lots to explore, The Fable Farm house and Cottages are the perfect spot to move into for a weekend or more to relax and enjoy the midlands, in a comfortable homey space.

Our Story

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